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intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms are systems designed to detect unauthorized entry into a building or area. They consist of an array of sensors, a control panel and alerting system, and interconnections. Sensors detect intruders by many methods such as monitoring door and window contacts, by passive infrared motion detectors, ultrasound, vibration, electric or magnetic fields, or microwaves. Sensors may be directly wired to a control panel that provides sensor power, or may communicate wirelessly. Contact Us Now!

Smoke Alarms

A smoke alarm is a device that detects smoke, typically as an indicator of fire. Commercial, industrial, and mass residential devices issue a signal to a fire alarm system, while household detectors, known as smoke alarms, generally issue a local audible and/or visual alarm from the detector itself. Contact Us Now!

Commerical and Domestic security systems

Commercial and Domestic

Protecting your Home and Business Costs Less than You Think

If you're considering investing in home and office security, prepare to be surprised by our advanced systems. Thanks to advances in alarm system technology, you can now protect your home with burglar alarms, perimeter alarms, residential CCTV and security devices.

For over 20 years, we have been designing security systems for homes and businesses, during that time, we have installed burglar alarms, perimeter alarms, CCTV and a wide range of security products. .

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Speech Dialers

Speech dialers are designed for verbal reporting of alarm, emergency and technical events via telephone and paging networks. They can detect two different events and transmit reports to up to four telephones or two numeric or voice pagers. The message identifies the location of the premises and the type of event reported (fire, intrusion, panic). As soon as communication is established, a highly sensitive microphone allows the called party to monitor the installation site by listening to local sounds.

The telephone and pager numbers are easily programmed or modified using a built-in keyboard. The speech message is also easily recorded by speaking into the built-in microphone, in the user's natural voice and in any language. They can function as a stand-alone unit in a durable plastic housing. It can also be easily integrated into alarm control panels and other systems. The unit complies with most international standards and in approved for use by local authorities in many countries. Contact Us Now!

Security System

Today’s systems offer ways to help you and your family stay safe at home in broad daylight.The alarm system can alert you to doors being opened and closed. Not only is it a great feature for personal.Some of the higher level security packages include video surveillance cameras – not just outside the house, but inside as well.

Products like ADT’s Safewatch Home View let you log in to your security video system from any web enabled computer or PDA. You can check the video whenever you want. Video surveillance can help you keep an eye and emergency call buttons can instantly get you in touch with security personnel who can get you help Security means many things to many people. Peace of mind has never been more affordable. Contact Us Now!